"I drink to make other people more interesting." -Ernest Hemingway


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Our vodka begins in the Arctic Sea as glacier melt. The icy water plunges to the depths of the ocean, making its way to the Hawaiian islands over thousands of years along the deep sea conveyor belt. We draw our untouched, mineral-rich Pacific Ocean water from 3000 feet deep, desalinate it and blend it with organic Polynesian sugar cane spirits, creating an award-winning vodka with perfectly balanced taste and finish. OCEAN Organic Vodka is Certified USDA Organic and gluten-free. The deep ocean mineral water in our vodka includes trace minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium, that enliven the flavor of your favorite drink. Our use of deep OCEAN mineral water gives OCEAN Vodka a lighter texture and complex mouth feel. Our 80-acre organic farm and distillery is a totally self-sufficient, sustainable property located on the Island of Maui. In addition to our solar power, we also have an 1100-foot well that is tapped into an artesian aquifer with pristine, volcanic rock-filtered water.