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Six grapes

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This wine is modeled after my favorite wines in the whole world- the famous Bordeaux wines from the Left Bank of the Gironde river in France. I call this wine the "5 Star Blend" because it contains 5 of the permitted grapes in Bordeaux wines: Cabernet Sauvignon (57.2%), Petit Verdot (14.8%), Cabernet Franc (11.8%), Malbec (9.8%) and Merlot (6.6%). In America, we call Bordeaux style wines "Meritage," and "Left Bank" wines are Cabernet Sauvignon dominant in the blends, just like this wine. The Cabernet dominance makes this wine very full bodied, with big tannin structure, and the relatively large amount of the uncommon Petit Verdot adds a dark inkyness and complex bold flavors. Frankly, this is a very serious wine that experienced wine drinkers will appreciate, but it is so flavorful that newer wine drinkers should experience it too. Aroma of oak and earth, due to 15 months aging in my best French Oak barrels, yet it also has good fruit on the nose. Full bodied with a long, lingering pleasant finish, it pairs well with steaks and grilled meats. This wine is definitely fit for cellaring, as it will improve over time as long as ten years or more. But who can wait that long to drink such a complex and delicious wine? 14.5% alcohol by volume. Silver Medal Winner San Francisco Chronicle, although, this wine was submitted very young; had I waited until next year it undoubtedly would have scored higher.